Complete automation for ST-COD and Total Phosphate analysis on the SP50 Robotic analyzer

Skalar's latest development is the SP50 robotic analyzer, configured for combined analysis of the small scale sealed-tube COD (ST-COD) and Total Phosphate (TP).

The SP50 analyzer consists of a XYZ sample handling station with a sample capacity of 96 tubes. 48 ST-COD and 48 TP samples can be  combined into one batch Higher capacity is possible on our SP1000 robotic  analyzer with 160 tubes in one batch.

The analyzer offers a real “walk-away” fully automated concept for ST-COD & TP analysis and automates the mixing, heating, (de) capping, sample pipetting, cooling and photometric measurement.

The SP50 for ST-COD & TP testing  is according to the following procedure:

The sample tubes, reagent tubes and other reagents are loaded on the analyzer by the operator. The sample table is set up and the analyzer is started.

Depending on the application to be performed, ST-COD or TP, certain steps will be automatically executed. Below you can find an example of the TP procedure:

1. The reagent tube is picked up and transported to the de-capping device.

2. The tube is automatically de-capped.

3. Reagent 1 is picked up dispensed in the reagent (2) tube.

4. The needle & stirrer are rinsed. The sample is picked up and dispensed in  the reagent tube

5. The tube is capped and the needle & stirrer are rinsed again.

6. The tubes are mixed and inserted one by one into the heater block. 

7. Samples are heated for 30 min at 120 °C and afterwards transferred to the  tube rack to cool down to approximately room temperature.

8. Tubes are de-capped and reagent 3 & 4 are picked up and dispensed in the  reagent tube. In between and afterwards the stirrer & needle are rinsed

9. The reagent tube is capped. The tubes are transferred to the tube rack and  left their for 10 min (reaction time).

10. Tubes are transferred to the spectrophotometer and the sample is measured.  The results are calculated and a QC trend is created.

For the ST-COD procedure click here .

The above configuration of the SP50 can be extended with a test kit for Total Nitrogen analysis. If you would like to use another colorimetric test kit application, please ask Skalar for the possibilities.

If you require more information on this application or Skalar analyzers, please do not hesitate to contact us