San++ seawater analyzer transport and storage case

Seawater samples have a short life time, therefore many seawater analyses are performed on board of a ship directly after sampling. Even though there are several sample preservation methods, shipboard analysis is the best approach to achieve accurate nutrient data.

The Skalar San++ automatic seawater analyzer is designed for use in laboratories ashore as well as on board of research vessels. The analyzer has a flexible and robust design and provides high quality, low level, accurate and highly reproducible results.

As most of time the same analyzer is used for analysis ashore and on board of a ship the instrument needs to be transported and re-installed frequently. To enable quick, easy and save transport between one location to another, Skalar has now special transport cases available for the San++ seawater analyzer. The use of extra strong material and the heavy gauge, solid corners fully protects the instruments and makes the boxes ideal to withstand intensive usage.

Separate cases are available for the reagents, sampler, chemistry unit and interface.

All cases have recessed lock latches and strong carrier handles. The lock latches can be opened and closed in one simple movement.

When the analyzer is not in use, the cases are also ideal for storage.

Skalar has also developed a special mounting kit for stabilizing the analyzer during the sometimes tough weather conditions on sea. With this kit the analyzer, sampler and other equipment are quickly and securely mounted on the bench on board of a research vessel.

if you require more information regarding the SAN++ seawater analyzer, its transport case and bench mounting kit or for other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.