NEW continuous flow analyzer - the San compact

We proudly announce the launch of the Sancompact continuous flow analyzer.

The new Sancompact wet chemistry analyzer is specifically designed for smaller laboratories. The modern and compact design of the unit gives laboratory the opportunity to save on valuable laboratory bench space, whilst incorporating all the features of the Skalar San++ series. The compact continuous flow analyzer provides flexibility and the possibility to extend the system according to any future needs.

The chemistry section is now fitted with a larger peristaltic pump unit with 21 pump tube positions and can accommodate up to three chemistry modules.The pump unit contains an integrated bubble injector with a built-in air compressor, providing reproducible and accurate segmentation.


The chemistry modules can be configured with automatic sample treatment features such as in-line dialysis, digestion and distillation for complex applications such as total cyanide and total phenol, providing the operator with a high level of automation as well as greater convenience and ease of use. Advanced low level detection is provided by the high-resolution digital photometric detectors.

The Sancompact is complemented with a full range of autosamplers to fit the needs of each individual laboratory. Skalar samplers offer automatic pre- and post dilution of multiple sample matrices as well as automatic preparation of working standards. 

The analyzer can be equipped with software-controlled valves that allow fully automatic start-up & shut-down of the system, including programmable rinse cycles without the need for operator intervention. This effectively extends the operation time of the analyzer, thereby increasing sample throughput and shortening lead time on results.

Compact and modular design, possibility to extend the system in the future
Start-up within minutes
Automatic high accuracy dilutions (requires 1050 & 1074 autosampler)
High resolution, precision detectors
Extended operation outside working hours due to automatic start up and shut down (optional)
Full analyzer control with FlowAccess V3 multi-tasking software package
Skalar applications conform to standards such as ISO, EPA, Standard Methods, EBC and ASBC
Various application areas are Water, Beer / Malt, Tobacco, Soil / Plant / Fertilizer etc.

If you have any questions or you would like to receive more information, please contact us