Skalar’s Robotic Analyzer Series for Automatic Sample Preparation & Analysis

In laboratories sample handling and preparation is tedious and time-consuming. Automation of sample preparation steps and the subsequent analysis not only speeds up these procedures but also saves valuable operation time and generally increases accuracy, reproducibility and productivity.

With Skalar's Robotic Analyzer series,it is possible to prepare and analyze your samples fully automatically, from pipetting and dispensing the original sample into smaller containers up to automation of the actual sample analysis on an efficient and precise way.

For example, a fully automatic workflow, from the original sample until the final analysis result for EC, pH, Color and Alkalinity, can be configured, using three SP50 robotic analyzers in series.

Analyzer configuration

The 1st SP50 features a manipulator, stirrer, two needles, which are both connected to a digital pump and flow cells for the measurement of Conductivity and Color. The analyzer has a capacity of 24 bottles of 2.5L each.

The 2nd& 3rd SP50 contain 84 vials of 100 ml. The analyzers are both equipped with a dispense needle, stirrer, pH electrode and titrator.

The flexible and user friendly Robotic Windowssoftware package fully controls the process and calculates the results.


Analysis sequence


The original samples are first homogenized and then aspirated for transfer to the 2nd and 3rd SP50. Before dispensing into the vials, the sample passes the flow cells for measuring Conductivity/Color.

In the vials the sample is measured for pH and titrated for alkalinity.

Besides the above sequence it is possible to pipette the original sample to different sized vials on various trays, which can be offered to other instruments for analysis.

Skalar has different analyzer models available from the SP10 (smaller sized batches) to the SP1000 (larger sized batches). Every instrument has their specific advantages, but all providing hands-free, walk-away automation for a large number of parameters such as BOD, COD, Carbonate/Bicarbonate, Turbidity, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) applications and Clay fraction etc.

If you require more information on the above or other tailor-made automation solutions please do not hesitate to contact us.